Hassall is a 23yr old singer-songwriter & self-confessed rambler from the bottom right corner of regional Victoria. 

Stirring together addictive vocal hooks, taboo topics & lyrics that are relatable in the way you don’t want to admit, she emerges into a style self-described as ‘Australian sharehouse-pop’. Fresh, yet familiar, jangly guitar and countrysoulsex-esque vocals compliment her inexhaustible lyrics, just as conversational as they are confessional, self-critical and considerably crude. 

Hassall’s debut EP, ‘For The Furniture To Hear’ is out April 2022, and is set to punch you in the face… like, emotionally. The album hosts 6 tracks that came out of front-woman Matilda’s first few years as a solo songwriter - think wine-fuelled nights and over-caffeinated mornings. As usual, her lyrics are in full focus. As literal & wordy as they are wildly melodic, they shine a light on the ultra-real experiences of a late teen or early twenty-something.

“I attend your gigs because your songs tell me more about you than you ever will” - her mother, to her.​​​​​​​
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“Courtney-like ramble with a searching alt-country vocal” 
- Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed

“At only 22 this girl has set her mark as a true lyricist and musician in classic Aussie style” 
- Alice McDonald, Forte Magazine 

“One thing Geelong isn’t shy of, is singer/songwriters, many of which are amazing, but for me Matilda Hassall is a real stand-out. Not only in her laid back performance style, and dynamic yet humble voice, but also the depth of her lyricism. Writing songs well beyond her years, at only twenty-two, self named ‘Hassall’ is making ripples in the independent Geelong music scene, and rightly so.” 
- Joshua Maxwell De Hoog for @KeepGeelongWeird 2021
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